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Wang Yuen Screw
Wang Yuen Screw
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12 Mar 2019
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This screw press machine is to release material in a hollow tube with a rotary tool that rotates so that the oil can come out through the cage press holes. The amount of pressure in this press can be adjusted by electris and depends on the volume of material to be pressed. This screw press machine consists of a cylinder with a hole in it. The pressure of the screw press is arranged by two cones located on the tip of the press, which move back and forth hydraulically. Hydraulic pressure is around 50 - 70 kg / cm3 carried by wet pulp. Oil loss (oillosses) on pulp (cake) and seeds (nuts) will affect the process of the next station, wet pulp (cake) will increase combustion in the kitchen. The boiler is not perfect. Pressure that is too high for example 70 kg / cm3 will involve involving the core (loss kernel) which has a higher balance in this machine is very necessary. The chopper machine must be damaged for the chopper machine, the chopper must stop for the printing machine that must be stopped, the machine printer must rotate the screw press press machine must always be updated and carry out routine maintenance (periodically) on the screw press. the capacity of Fresh Fruit Bunches (palm fruit) to be pressed, with the aim that the pressing process is more maximal. in accordance with the provisions applied by the PKS in accordance with the processing process of TBS in the palm oil mill.

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