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Sand Cyclone JP DC 60 S
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22 Oct 2018
1 unit

Specification of

Model::DC 60 S
Capacity::60,000 litre/ Hour (throughput)

Two (2) units stainless steel top cylinder

 b.Two (2) units Ceramic cone

Two (2) units stainless steel water-boxwith sight glass

 d.Two (2) 3/4″ Solenoid valve

Two (2) 3/4″ non-returnable valve


Four (4) pcs 1 1/2″ Ø stainless steel ball valve


Four (4) pcs high torque electric actuators


Two (2) units control panel for auto discharge system (PAD System)

Sand Cyclone JP DC 60 S is used to continuously separate solid particles such as sand and dirt in the slurry before separating through achine centrifuge. The use of the Cyclone desanding machine actively extends the life of the oil chamber processing equipment.

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