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Clutch Door Wang Yuen
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22 Oct 2018
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Specification of

Clutch Door Wang Yuen is used as a decoction door used as a closing vessel in PKS to boil palm fruit.
WANG YUEN the decoction door was produced in Malaysia by Gen. Wang Yuen Sdn. Bhd.
WANG YUEN stew door is one of the leading in the palm oil industry and is among the most used in the Palm Oil Mill.

Models of available palm oil supporting tools include:
WANG YUEN 900 mm stew door
WANG YUEN 1,200 mm stew door
WANG YUEN stew door 2,100 mm
WANG YUEN stew door 2,700 mm
WANG YUEN stew door 2,800 mm
WANG YUEN stew door 3,200 mm

Trade mark: KWY (Genius Wang Yuen)

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