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PT. Jayatech Palmindo (Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)

PT JAYATECH PALMINDO is a trading company engaged in machine supplier and spare parts supplier PKS (Palm Oil Mill) established in 2002 in Medan North Sumatra and has 3 (three) branches in Pekan Baru, Pontianak West Kalimantan and Sampit Indonesia. PT JAYATECH PALMINDO is a leading company of Palm Oil Industry machinery suppliers and spare parts in Indonesia. PKS machinery and spare parts products supplied include: WANG YUEN screw press and digester, NOVENCO Fan and Heater, ERIEZ Vibratory Feeder, ERIEZ Magnetic Plate, ELECTRIM EMM Electromotor, EMI Sludge Centrifuge, EMI Empty Bunch Press, EMI Empty Bunch Crusher, JP Digester, JP Ripplemill, JP Sand Cyclone, JP Brush Strainer, JP Vibrating Screen, ALPHA Fluid Coupling. With the support of the principle and engine products and spare parts of the Palm Oil Mill mentioned above, PT JAYATECH PALMINDO has become one of the trading companies that are calculated for the industrial supply of PKS machines and spare parts (Palm Oil Mill) in Indonesia.


Jl. Pulau Solor II No.18 Kawasan Industri Medan 2 (KIM 2) Deli Serdang 20252
Sumatera Utara , Indonesia


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